Varivas Avani Casting PE [Max Power] X8

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Don't settle for anything but casting braid. Nobody likes them Pittachini wind-knots! Get Varivas Casting braid on your reel. Each spool comes with 300m of the finest.

- HIGH-END MAX POWER PE / Casting Model
- Tight-Tension Winding: to maximize the tenacity ≥1.5x of standard braids
- In a uniform Even-tension winding process to ensure a consistent strength
- Qualified heavy-duty casting b raids, less worn-down and longer run-time
- SP-F Coating: Fluoride resin improves cast-ability by cutting guide friction
- 25M ea. marking system on silky white braids to accurate casting distance
- VARIVAS PE Ni Shu(non-gas spray) to feature outstanding formulation at:
Cast-ability, Abrasion Resistance and Durability.