Magbite Booty Shake! 2"

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Booty Shake! The best micro soft-bait in the world. This is the 2inch model and is perfect for targeting Aji (Mackeral) and similar baitfish.



A bootie shake featuring a W action tail that "generates two types of waves with one". The leaf at the front of the tail grabs a large amount of water and guides mackerel in the distance. The pintail at the rear generates ultra-fine waves that upset the horse mackerel. In addition, G-crack's "SAF material" is used as the material.

We are particular about the softness and the amount of glitter. In addition, [salt + amino acid + intense shrimp garlic formula combination] brings horse mackerel to the bite without hesitation. It is a different dimension worm that has both "appeal" and "eating" with just one!

Unlike conventional glowworms, the entire body does not shine, but the glow flakes studded with dots emit light to create a more natural "mysterious temptation" while firmly appealing its presence to fish.