Daiwa Shore Spartan Rough Ride 160F/66.7g

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Lo-Cab International is pleased to be a part of the Daiwa Pro Shop family!

The Rough Ride is the floating stickbait of the Shore Spartan range. The first thing to notice about all the Shore Spartan lures is their unique dimpled appearance. This golf ball-like design aids in aerodynamic and also hydrodynamic stability, improving long-distance casting and also stability in turbulent water.

All Shore Spartan baits are designed with heavy-duty use in mind, Rough Ride features a 1.8mm thick ABS plastic body, with internal rib designs further strengthening the body. Rough Ride features a cleverly placed tungsten weight in the tail of the bait, producing the perfect floatation level to create the tantalizing dive and ‘S’ wave swimming action which is loved by so many pelagic predators. Rigged with heavy-duty treble hooks and split rings, this lure is ready to get rough!

Available in two sizes (140 and 160mm) the Spartan Rough Ride is the new partner to your offshore journey.



- 160mm in length

- 66.7g in weight

- 160mm in length