Daiwa Saltiga Divestar 220F/120g

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The Saltiga Dive Star is the result of two years of design, prototyping, and testing by lure designers and field testers in Japan. Saltiga Dive Star is born through the uncompromising spirit of development, in search for the upper limits of what is possible with a plastic diving pencil.

Extensive refinement has resulted in a lure that performs reliably and is easy for anyone to handle. Casting is effortless with the straight and stable flight due to a fine weight balance, while the bodyweight of 105g (125g including hooks) ensures even a 220mm plug can be cast comfortably. The lengthy flight distance will increase the opportunity for anglers to encounter large fish.

The swimming action is effortless, the flat section of the head realizes ideal diving action with simple rod work, even with a strong and rough jerk action it is difficult to pull the lure out of the water. The side surfaces of the lure create a strong vibration which effectively calls fish to the surface even if they are sitting at depth. The sliding motion immediately after manipulating the lure puts it in a position to be easily cut off by the target.

A new hologram technology 'ADEL' has been adopted in the surface of the lure. The skin of various baitfish species was analyzed in 3D and a simplified holographic pattern was derived. We successfully replicated the brilliance of the glossy skin observed on the underside of a live baitfish.

The lure comes standard with heavy-duty split rings and thick shaft #4/0 treble hooks. These are rust-resistant TIN plated hooks designed to handle unexpected large fish. The #4/0 treble hook is recommended for the best compromise between lure movement and stability.

Saltiga Dive Star is ideal for targeting pelagic species such a Yellowtail Kingfish, Tuna, and Giant Trevally.



- 220mm in length

- 110g in weight