Daiwa '20 Saltiga

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Lo-Cab International is pleased to be a part of the Daiwa Pro Shop family! This reel needs no introduction - The Daiwa Saltiga 2020.


Sizes available + specs:

- Daiwa Saltiga (G) 10,000-H, PE-5 = 300m, 25KG of Max Drag, Gear Ratio = 5.8 & weighs 655g

- Daiwa Saltiga (G) 14,000-XH, PE-6 = 300m, 25KG of Max Drag, Gear Ratio = 6.2 & weighs 665g

Daiwa Saltiga (G) 18,000-H, PE-8 = 300m, 30KG of Max Drag, Gear Ratio = 5.8 & weighs 885g



MQ Body takes reel design to the next level. The MQ system does not require a body cover, instead using an engine plate to screw directly to the body. Eliminating the need for screws to hold a body cover in place. MQ body improves the strength of the reel, it also improves the water-resistance of the body and allows a larger diameter drive gear to be installed.



The larger diameter drive gear. Increasing the diameter by 12% and also increasing thickness reduces the amount of wear, including twist and deformation to both the drive & pinion gears. In comparison to 15 Saltiga, it is more than double the strength. New gear design combined with MQ body makes 20 Saltiga the pinnacle of saltwater spinning reels.



More than twice as rigid. The newly designed aluminium air rotor is more than double the rigidity compared to 15 Saltiga. It is also 50% more durable than the famous original Z series Saltiga of 2002.



Drag durability more than 10 times that of 15 Saltiga. In comparison to 15 Saltiga drag washers it is more than 10 times more durable with significantly increased drag longevity. Adding drag washers means the workload is spread evenly across the drag stack. By designing the drag with smaller washers, the maximum pressure per washer is decreased, but by adding more washers increased pressure is created.