Daiwa BGMQ 14,000 + 20 Saltist Hyper 7'9" Combo

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Combo Specific Details:

- Daiwa BGMQ 14,000 Reel, PE-6 = 300m, 20KG Max Drag, Gear Ratio = 5.7 & weighs 640g

- 20 Saltist Hyper 7'9" PE 4/6

- 50lb J-Braid 300m



Daiwa’s BG series has changed the game of what affordable quality looks like in heavy-duty spinning reels. Now, by combining Monocoque Body (MQ) technology with the mass market appeal of BG, 20 BG MQ is born.

 Throughout the entire line-up of BG MQ, vast improvements have been made to almost all areas of the reel design. The drag has been improved both in maximum capacity but also in smooth overall performance, drastically reducing the friction of the Carbon ATD drag - BG MQ’s drag performance is unmatched by the competition.

BG MQ marks a new era in affordable saltwater spinning reels from Daiwa, with MQ technology now available to the masses. BG MQ is built for the harshest conditions and is set to once again revolutionize the industry. Available from 2500-20000 size, BG MQ is now aligned with 20 SALTIGA sizing.



Any product carrying the Saltist name invokes a level of trust and dependability few others can match. Now in 2020, a new generation of Saltist Hyper is here. Leveraging all of Daiwa’s advancements in rod technology, 20 Saltist Hyper introduces X45 Cobrashield technology to masses of offshore anglers who’ve seen what it can do on rod ranges like Spartan before it.

The blank of the all-new 20 Saltist Hyper is where the bulk of the advancements have been made. X45 Cobrashield’s ability to increase torsional stiffness works wonders on offshore rods, where casting performance using heavyweight lures can often mean the difference between catching a fish and going home empty-handed. 20 Saltist Hyper rods feel crisper and more responsive than their predecessors, and outcast and outperform them across all levels. The distinct blue coloration of Saltist Hyper continues, but this time it is clear so all anglers can see the distinct X45 Cobrashield pattern.

A newly developed grip section catches the eye thanks to the unique spiral foregrip which provides a firm grasp even when wet. As always, quality Fuji components outfit the 20 Saltist Hyper series from the newly released Corrosion Control (CC) Fuji ‘O’ ring guides and Fuji branded reel seats and butt caps.

Whether it's throwing stick baits in shallow water, dropping live baits into the depths, or even slow jigging, if you're targeting Kingfish or Snapper there is now a 20 Saltist Hyper for almost every conceivable mission.